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Consumer Protection

Whether you’re shopping for a new car at the local dealership, refinancing a mortgage, or notice unknown fees or charges on your bank statement, credit card bill or wireless phone bill, the possibilities that something could go wrong with your transaction are greater than ever. Maybe you purchased an extended warranty for that new laptop or were motivated to buy food products that promised to provide certain health or nutrition benefits. Whatever the situation, it’s important to know that you have rights if you purchased goods or services that don’t live up to their claims.

Pastor Law Office represents consumers and small businesses across the United Sates who are victims of false advertising, unfair and deceptive practices, privacy violations, data breaches and other violations of consumer protection laws. We have earned a national reputation for successfully prosecuting and resolving a wide range of cases involving:

We know your rights under consumer protection laws, regulations and other similar provisions. We are prepared to protect those rights. We’re here to help if you and others feel you have been victimized.

Pastor Law Office is committed to protecting your rights under consumer protection laws. If you believe that you may have been a victim, or if you want more information, please inquire about a free evaluation so we can promptly review and discuss your case. You can also use our class action checklist as a helpful guide.


One of our many success stories in the area of consumer protection litigation involves claims against the major wireless telephone carriers.

Case Highlight: Early contract termination fees charged by the major wireless phone companies.

Summary:Allegations that early contract termination fees are unlawful penalties.

Result: Settlements with most of the carriers, including a $21 million settlement with Verizon on behalf of subscribers nationwide.

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