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When companies invade your privacy or expose your personal information to theft or loss, we hold them accountable!

Privacy/Data Breach

Pastor Law Office realizes that the stakes are high when a consumer or business experiences an invasion of privacy or data breach. Consumers have a right to privacy with regard to their personal affairs. Nobody wants their personal information shared in a public manner or financial data exposed to theft or loss.

More than ever before, the possibilities for data breach are all around us. Social security, bank account and driver’s license numbers are electronically stored along with passwords, user names, prescription information, credit history, and host of other information related to one’s identity. Many states now have data breach notification laws where an entity holding confidential data must disclose if a data infringement has occurred. Pastor Law Office is committed to protecting consumers.  Loss, theft and unauthorized access to data may justify a class action.

If you believe that you may have been a victim of an invasion of privacy or a data breach, or if you want more information, please inquire about a free evaluation so we can promptly review and discuss your case. You can also use our class action checklist as a helpful guide.

One of the many success stories that we have in the privacy/data breach category of consumer protection law involves actions against CVS Pharmacy:

Case Highlight: Kelley v. CVS Pharmacy, Inc., et al

Summary: Allegation that CVS’ use of its customers’ confidential prescription information in a marketing program consisting of prescription refill reminders and “switch” letters promoting different medications violated the Massachusetts consumer protection act.

Result: Court ruled that CVS’ conduct of using customer information without consent, for its own financial gain, constituted an unfair and deceptive practice. The court awarded statutory damages under the consumer protection act. 

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