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Limited Partnership Litigation

Pastor Law Office has significant experience with the rights of limited partner investors in limited partnerships. The combination of one or more general partners and one or more limited partners is what constitutes the formation of this kind of legal and separate entity. Protection from liability and the ability to distribute funds among many investors is the impetus for forming limited partnerships. Usually these kinds of business arrangements are initiated to support a single or limited duration project.

Pastor Law Office understands the advantages and disadvantages of limited partnerships. For example, protection of assets, tax benefits and liability protection make limited partnerships appealing. Plus, the structure makes it easier to attract investors. The down side is that the general partner runs the day-to-day business and is directly responsible for obligations and debts of the partnership. There can also be divided authority among partners and significant legal requirements and documentation to keep the operation in good standing.

We have spearheaded a number of securities cases brought on behalf of investors in publicly and privately offered limited partnerships. We have also challenged limited partnership roll-ups, restructurings, exchanges and mergers.

 If you have a limited partnership concern, or if you want more information, please inquire about a free evaluation so we can promptly review and discuss your case. 


One of the many success stories we have involves litigation on behalf of investors in the Radisson Plaza Partners limited partnership.

Case Highlight:  Sullivan, et al. v. Shearson California Radisson Plaza Partners, Limited Partnership, et al

Summary:  Brought on behalf of investors in a real estate limited partnership. Please add a bit more detail on the specific complaint if possible?

Result:  Settlement valued in excess of $11 million



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