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Tremont Securities Law, State Law and Insurance Litigation

Tremont Securities Law, State Law and Insurance Litigation is a collection of coordinated and consolidated class actions brought on behalf of classes of investors in a number of Madoff feeder funds, i.e., funds whose assets were invested, in whole or in part, with Bernard Madoff or Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities.  The complaints alleged, among other things, that the defendants (including Mass Mutual, Oppenheimer and Tremont) fraudulently misrepresented, among other things (in offering memoranda for the funds and other documents) that they would and did conduct due diligence in connection with investing the funds’ assets with Madoff, that the funds’ assets would be invested as represented and that the reported financial results of the funds reflected the funds’ actual performance.  The litigation has been settled against all but two of the defendants, and that settlement has been approved by the Court.  The settlement provides for a cash settlement fund of $100 million, plus other monetary and non-monetary relief, some of which is contingent on future events. 

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