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Shareholder Rights/Securities Litigation

We have successfully enforced the rights of investors who have been victimized by various forms of securities fraud or manipulation. The firm has prosecuted a wide range of class  actions under federal securities laws and derivative actions against corporate officers and directors. We have been especially active in the more difficult types of securities litigation, including cases involving the liability of third party professionals, such as accountants and attorneys, and other third parties, such as clearing brokers  and corporate parents and affiliates, as well as litigation involving limited partnership investments.

Financial fraud is running at epidemic proportions. We have a long and impressive track record in securities litigation and have recovered many millions of dollars for investors defrauded by officers and directors of publicly held corporations.

We help investors who have been victimized by fraud and misrepresentation, manipulation of securities markets, breach of fiduciary duty and other practices in connection with the issuance, purchase and sale of securities.

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If you believe that your  rights as a shareholder  have been violated or if you have been defrauded , or if you want more information, please  inquire about a free evaluation so we can promptly review and discuss your case. You can also use our class action checklist as a helpful guide.

One of our many success stories involves classes of investors with complaints related to Bernard Madoff feeder funds.

Case Highlight:  Tremont Securities Law, State Law and Insurance Litigation

Summary:  A collection of coordinated and consolidated actions brought on behalf of classes of investors in a number of Madoff feeder funds, i.e., funds whose assets were invested, in whole or in part, with Bernard Madoff or Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities. 

Result:  The litigation has been settled for $100 million against all but two of the defendants, and that settlement has been approved by the Court.  There is other monetary and non-monetary relief, some of which is contingent on future events.

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